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Compliance and Data Privacy Challenges

Achieve Compliance
without Compromise


Meeting regulatory compliance requirements can be costly, complex, and ever-changing. And your compliance needs to go beyond regulations with internal governance standards and data privacy requirements. Companies are faced with the challenge of achieving compliance while pursuing today’s IT objectives—combating targeted threats, managing distributed environments, enabling worker mobility, and supporting new IT initiatives, such as cloud computing and the consumerization of IT. Trying to track and secure private data seems daunting—but it CAN be done.


Whether you’re a global retailer or a regional healthcare provider, it’s critical to deploy the right mix of security to fit your organization’s unique IT environment and compliance requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all compliance solution.

With that in mind, there are still many common challenges to address. At the most basic level, your data privacy and compliance strategy should be supported by a full range of compliance controls, including:

  • Real-time risk management
  • Network security overwatch
  • Automated intrusion/incident response
  • Multilayered data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Endpoint-to-cloud encryption
  • Device control for removable media
  • End-to-end malware and spam protection

Achieve Security and Compliance

Find out how choosing the right security solutions will help you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

Protect Data Across Your Infrastructure

Enforce consistent security and data policies across your environment with single-click implementation of DLP plug-ins and central policy management for endpoint, messaging, and gateway security.

Prepare for Your Next Audit

See how your compliance practices compare to your peers. Learn what you may consider doing differently.

Drive Down Costs

See how our compliance solutions to help support desktop and server virtualization, public cloud computing, hard-to-secure systems and devices, and centralized management.

Remove the Complexity from Compliance

Trend Micro™ Enterprise Security solutions, powered by our cloud-based Smart Protection Network™, simplify compliance with a broad range of controls that deliver maximum protection at minimal cost. That’s compliance without compromise.

Core Compliance Controls

Information security and privacy regulations are largely based on well-established security technologies and best practices. Trend Micro, the largest pure-play security provider, offers solutions that help you meet your compliance needs today and evolve as your compliance and security needs change. These cost-effective, foundational compliance tools include:


Encrypt confidential data and support compliance with encryption solutions designed to keep your private data and intellectual property safe—wherever it resides—from endpoint to cloud.

Keep it confidential with encryption

Data Loss Prevention

Discover, monitor and protect your confidential data and intellectual property from insider threats, data-stealing malware, and hackers. Trend Micro secures sensitive data with a full range of data loss prevention (DLP) solutions as well as DLP modules that fit with your existing Trend Micro security.

Prevent data loss

Risk Visibility and Control

Trend Micro Vulnerability Management and Threat Management solutions give you network-wide visibility to give you insight and control over active threats, software and systems vulnerabilities, web content, and IT policy compliance.

Manage vulnerabilities and threats

Server and Desktop Virtualization

Only Trend Micro provides advanced virtualization-aware software that secures virtualized servers and desktopswith best-in-class protection, optimized performance ,and critical compliance controls, such as virtual patching, integrity monitoring, web application protection, attack prevention, and more.

Explore Trend Micro Deep Security

Public Cloud Computing

Only Trend Micro provides the secure virtual server and cloud data encryption solutions that allow you to confidently incorporate the public cloud into your datacenter strategy.

Secure your journey to the cloud

Hard-to-Secure Systems and Devices

Trend Micro’s unique network-based Threat Management System discovers any active infiltration, allowing you to achieve compliance and non-invasive protection for any endpoint or server, including legacy or proprietary devices.

Discover threats on any endpoints

Crack the Code for PCI DSS Compliance

Retailers and other enterprises that collect credit card payments are bound by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). And it sets a high bar for data protection, requiring a flexible and effective data protection solution to meet its requirements. That’s where Trend Micro comes in.

Trend Micro Enterprise Security solutions help you address key challenges to PCI compliance, offering DLP security across your network. Our data protection covers virtualization and cloud computing, worker mobility, branch/POS security, as well as device control and data encryption. Our layered approach can help ensure compliance and safeguard your customers, your employees, and your business.

Boost PCI Compliance

Learn the analysts’ perspectives on PCI DSS 2.0 and compliance in complex virtual environments.

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Choose a Solution You Can Trust

Achieve PCI compliance with security that delivers more for less. See how Trend Micro Enterprise Security supports the various PCI requirements.

Read our PCI white paper

PCI Compliance in the Data Center

Having the right security in the data center can help you speed compliance.

Learn about server security and PCI

Protect Cardholder Data

That’s just one of many PCI requirements. Learn how Trend Micro supports the various PCI elements.

Find solutions by PCI requirements

Healthcare and HITECH Act Compliance: Do You Have Safe Harbor?

Healthcare organizations are under growing pressure to improve efficiency and cut costs, while at the same time, new and existing regulations require increased security for Protected Health Information (PHI). The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has begun imposing stiff penalties, in line with the new tiers called for under the HITECH Act Enforcement Rule, and State Attorneys General have started to flex their rights to legal action against organizations that do not comply with its data breach provisions.

The good news: Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption is an easy-to-use-and-deploy solution that protects sensitive data on hard drives, desktops, laptops, and removable media to comply with the HITECH Act and associated regulations. With Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption healthcare organizations can:

  • Confidently implement EMR/EHR modernization
  • Comply with HIPAA , HITECH and PCI regulations
  • Maximize PHI data protection
  • Enable secure virtualization and cloud computing
  • Achieve "safe harbor" from HITECH enforcement

Protect Private Data — and Your Bottom Line

Ensure compliance with HITECH Act, HIPAA, and PCI—while also cutting costs. Find out how.

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Maintaining Your Healthcare Compliance

Experts share strategies for maintaining security and privacy in your e-Health applications.

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Guard Patient Privacy

Learn how Trend Micro meets your healthcare regulations.

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