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Security for the Cloud Era

Cloud-era security: Flexible, adaptable protection that follows the data wherever it goes

As business needs have evolved, companies seeking greater flexibility and agility are embracing mobility, virtualization and cloud computing.

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The nature of threats has evolved as well, taking advantage of more open networks with targeted and persistent attacks.

Security companies must respond with flexible, adaptable data and threat protection that follows the data wherever it goes. Because in the era of the cloud, your data can be anywhere.

In the post-PC, cloud era, Trend Micro approaches security with a data-centric framework that advances the depth and breadth of the global threat intelligence coming from our cloud-based Smart Protection Network, integrates data protection that follows and protects your data, and increases visibility into data access and potential targeted attacks.

Cloud-era security delivers:

  • Multi-platform support across physical, virtual, cloud and mobile environments
  • Real-time threat intelligence for faster, better protection
  • Contextual awareness to enable security settings to adapt based on context
  • Intelligent integration of threat and data information to increase efficiency
  • Unified management to improve visibility, ease of use and TCO

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Intelligence, awareness, integration and management

There are four reasons our security framework is smarter:

  1. Real-time threat intelligence delivers faster, better protection against today’s threats.
  2. Infusing context-awareness within both the threat and data protection solutions builds adaptive security.
  3. Intelligent integration correlates threat and data information together for increased efficiency with automated policy integration.
  4. Unified management allows customers to improve visibility into their security model and lowers total cost of ownership.

Trend Micro is uniquely positioned to combine global threat intelligence, customer-specific threat intelligence, data protection technologies, and central management capability to more quickly identify targeted attacks and better protect customer data, while others continue with a more limted approach.

White Paper: A Smarter Approach to InfoSec

Global threat intelligence looks in more places

Attacks tend to cross multiple areas within a network or within a device. Web, IP, domain, email, network, vulnerabilities, and files are all used to perpetrate and propagate attacks.

Ongoing advances in the depth and breadth of the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ allow us to look in more places than other vendors for threat data.

By using big data analytics to rapidly correlate and analyze all of these events at once, Trend Micro can quickly identify attacks and help organizations respond and mitigate their damage, whether the attack is across the network or within a single device.

Integrated data protection keeps data safe

Integrated data protection and contextual awareness across the organization ensures the confidentiality and protection of your valuable data across physical, virtual, cloud and mobile environments.

Integrated data protection represents a fundamental shift in the way Trend Micro approaches data protection. Rather than having siloed capability, data loss prevention (and in some cases encryption and device control) is being integrated across platforms and managed through a unified central console.

This brings a new level of contextual awareness and visibility across the Trend Micro product portfolio

  • WHAT data is accessed
  • WHO is accessing data
  • HOW is data being accessed (i.e. email, IM, USB, etc)
  • WHEN is data being accessed (time awareness)
  • WHERE is data being accessed (Geo Awareness - future)

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What is cloud-era security?

Cloud-era security means taking a data-centric approach to our security framework. It builds on the superior global threat intelligence of the Smart Protection Network and integrates data protection along with unified security management to deliver adaptive security that protects your important data wherever it resides – from a device to a server; at home or on the road; in physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile environments.

The Smart Protection Network brings the power of our cloud-based detection and correlation technologies inside a customer’s environment with intelligent sensors throughout the network to identify and protect against targeted attacks. Integrated data protection and contextual awareness throughout the organization ensure the confidentiality and protection of valuable data.

Why is Trend Micro doing this?

As business needs evolve, security must evolve as well, because the threat landscape rapidly adapts to changes in how a business operates.

Three important trends are coalescing in the computing industry to create a unique set of security challenges.

First, we’ve recently seen the escalation of targeted attacks against companies by sophisticated hackers using advanced, hard to detect techniques that capture valuable data and may remain undiscovered for long periods of time.

Second, growth in consumerization – the use of unsecured personal mobile devices in the workplace – is exposing company information to risk.

Third, and perhaps most impactful, cloud computing is revolutionizing the way businesses and people consume, share and use increasing amounts of digital information, stretching the boundaries of individuals’ and companies’ security perimeter beyond the PC and beyond the network, and making access to information and computing power easier, faster and more affordable for people everywhere.

What are the key benefits of this framework?

With cloud-era security, you’ll be able to:

Regain control of your data

  • Control and manage who accesses your data, what is accessible, and where and when it’s accessed without impeding your users or taxing your administrators
  • Be confident your data is secure – from a device to a server; at home or on the road; in physical, virtual or cloud environments

Identify attacks quickly

  • Global threat intelligence looks in more places to collect and identify threat data
  • Big data analytics help us rapidly analyze and correlate data to block known and unknown threats
  • Locally correlated threat data helps identify targeted attacks faster

Effectively manage the threat lifecycle

  • All threat data from multiple platforms is managed centrally
  • Intelligent search capability provides a central view of the threat lifecycle
  • Root cause analysis reports provide a view into the infection chain

Mitigate infections and attacks

  • Highly customizable and scalable solution to mitigate threats early in their lifecycle
  • Deploy new security policies based on aggregated threat intelligence
  • Centrally manage mitigation efforts across multiple network layers

Secure your journey to the cloud

  • Trend Micro solutions protect across physical, virtual, cloud and mobile environments
  • Security that protects every aspect of your digital life—your data, devices, privacy, family, even social networks
  • Take advantage of all the benefits cloud-computing offers without worry

How is this different from other vendors in your industry?

Our vision is different from our competitors in the following ways:

  1. Instead of merely driving a traditional multi-layered threat model deeper, down to the chip level, we are introducing a new security model that marries our superior cloud-based threat protection with new data-centric adaptive security that we believe will better protect critical data from hackers, malicious insiders and inadvertent data loss.
  2. As corporations increasingly become subject to targeted attacks, we’re applying our expertise in the correlation of global threat intelligence through Smart Protection Network to bring that capability within corporate networks, enabling customers to identify and block unique threats inside their organizations rather than relying solely on external community insight.
  3. As customers move their data across physical, virtual and cloud environments we are implementing technologies that follow and protect the data wherever it resides, unlike others who continue to focus only on detecting and blocking threats.

How does this approach effectively stop targeted attacks?

Stopping targeted attacks or advanced persistent threats requires more than a point solution. We believe combining threat and data protection within a context-aware security framework which identifies who is accessing what data when, where and how, can help quickly identify and mitigate these attacks.

Managed with a central, policy-based platform that improves visibility of the threat lifecycle can significantly enhance your ability to protect yourself against targeted attacks.

What do customers have to gain?

With these enhancements, Trend Micro will be able to deliver adaptive security that protects your important data wherever it resides – from a device to a server; at home or on the road; in physical, virtual or cloud environments.

Integrated data loss prevention, encryption and context-aware threat sensors throughout the network identify who is accessing what data, when, where and how. Intelligent search capability, dynamic threat analysis, and central policy management allow users to rapidly deploy mitigation solutions across their ecosystem.

Only Trend Micro provides the intelligent integration required to manage, control and defend your data in real time. It’s security made smarter.