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Alliance Partners

Learning together to solve your biggest IT challenges

Trend Micro works closely with Strategic Alliance Partners to develop whole business solutions that fit your architecture, simplify deployment, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize security.


Cloud Security for Amazon Web Services Applications

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can quickly deploy and scale computing services on demand and reduce their overall IT costs. With cloud-based protection from Trend Micro, AWS users experience highly optimized, industry-leading security for their instances deployed in AWS.

  • Architected to be highly effective and efficient in protecting the data and applications running on EC2
  • Built to the highest government standards, including FIPS 140-2 and common criteria EAL 4+
  • Integrates seamlessly with cloud management tools such as AWS CloudFormation, RightScale, Chef and Puppet to automate security management
  • Reduces security management costs by automating security tasks and lowering the preparation time and effort required to support audits

Trend Micro’s cloud security solutions can accelerate cloud adoption by removing security as a barrier to deploying sensitive workloads on AWS. Delivered either as Software-as-a-Service or as an on-premise application, the same solutions can also be used to protect physical and virtual servers within an enterprise data center, enabling users to plan a centrally managed migration path to hybrid AWS deployments. Trend Micro gives AWS users leading security, privacy, and compliance support that simplifies management and helps maximize their cloud investment.

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Protection from Attacks

Trend Micro’s award-winning anti-malware capabilities both protect data on your instances and provide the ability to quarantine/remove malicious or suspicious files and controls communications to trusted services through domain whitelisting.

Server Hardening and Virtual Patching

Trend Micro delivers proven intrusion detection & prevention, shielding unpatched vulnerabilities in your AWS deployment with per-instance traffic inspection, enabling detection and blocking of suspicious and malicious activity.

Integrity Monitoring

Trend Micro includes integrity monitoring functionality that detects and logs unauthorized or malicious changes to files and services. Organizations can meet and exceed PCI requirements for file integrity monitoring by providing real-time and on-demand monitoring of files, services, ports and registry keys.

Data Encryption in AWS

Trend Micro provides full disk encryption with advanced key management policies to keep your data private and assist with regulatory compliance requirements, ensuring that only authorized personnel and services have access to sensitive data. Encryption independent of AWS can also assist with data destruction and disposal requirements.

Trend Micro Deep Security is validated for the Cisco UCS™ platform

Cisco and Trend Micro, long-time technology partners, share a vision of integrating security software and intelligence into servers and
network infrastructure.

Cisco UCSTM is the industry’s first converged data center platform that delivers smart, programmable infrastructure to simplify and
accelerate enterprise-class application and service deployment in physical, virtualized and cloud-computing environments.

Trend Micro Deep Security is the industry's first agentless security platform that unlocks virtual machine performance and enables all enterprise and cloud applications to be secure and compliant when deployed seamlessly with Cisco UCS™ cloud and datacenter solutions. Now you can combine Cisco UCS and Trend Micro Deep Security to safely accelerate your journey to the cloud and deliver versatility without compromise.

Trend Micro's participation in the Cisco Developer Network and inclusion of Deep Security in the Cisco Developer Network Marketplace increases the scope of Cisco UCS™ channel-ready solutions to include industry-leading, effective security solutions validated to work with the Cisco UCS™ platform.

Benefits of Trend Micro Deep Security in Cisco UCS Environments

This joint solution provides full protection for virtualized data centers and desktops from the latest threats, while delivering the following:

  • Higher Density — by offloading security scans from individual VMs to a single security virtual appliance on each host
  • Optimized Resources — by eliminating security storms and resource contention from multiple security agents
  • Simplified Management — by eliminating agents and the need to configure and update each agent
  • Stronger Security — by providing instant-on protection for new VMs and tamper-proof security coordinated by the dedicated security appliance.

Trend Micro provides critical security capabilities for Citrix solutions

Trend Micro and Citrix have a long history of technology partnership that includes product integration and support for Citrix products.
This alliance helps enable Citrix to deliver on its mission of empowering people to work and collaborate from anywhere, and securely
access apps and data on any of the latest devices, as easily as they would in their own office.

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Desktop Virtualization Security

Get comprehensive protection for virtual desktops while preserving performance and consolidation ratios. Trend Micro maximizes protection for a broad spectrum of virtual desktop scenarios including:

  • Citrix XenDesktop running on VMware ESX Server: Trend Micro Deep Security provides both true agentless security and optimized agent-based —antimalware, intrusions prevention, web application protection, firewall, and more— thus ensuring almost no performance impact from a security agent to impact the virtual desktops and the underlying host. 
  • Citrix XenDesktop or Microsoft VM running on Citrix XenServer: Trend Micro OfficeScan endpoint security delivers real-time, virtualization-aware, protection against the latest threats, in a light and lean client optimized for physical and virtual endpoint deployments.

These flexible VDI security options let you can maximize both the protection and ROI of your company’s unique VDI investment.

Server Virtualization Security

Get mature technology from Trend Micro, the recognized leader in virtualization security. With integrated security designed for virtual servers, you can remain secure without sacrificing performance or management. Deep Security helps you secure your virtual environment for the increased efficiencies of cloud computing. Virtualization-aware security preserves performance, and increase VM densities.

Cloud Security

Trend Micro provides dynamic, adaptive protection for data center and cloud environments built on Citrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack. Trend Micro’s comprehensive server security protects systems and applications on physical, virtual, and cloud servers as well as virtual desktops. And encryption with policy-based key management secures your data with a solution designed for the cloud as well as data stored in physical and virtual servers. Trend Micro’s Cloud Security Solutions for Citrix CloudPlatform are powered by industry leading security products Deep Security and SecureCloud.


Web Application Security

Trend Micro Web App Security as a Service identifies vulnerabilities in web applications and the platforms they are deployed on, and together with Citrix NetScaler Application Firewall, shields these vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. This integrated solution eliminates false positives and the operational pains of emergency patching, application updates and costly system downtime. It also helps ensure compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA and other regulations and standards, while simplifying security audits.

Web Gateway Security

Trend Micro™ InterScan™ Web Security lets businesses scan traffic at the corporate network gateway, quickly identifying risky web behaviors before they can lead to vulnerability-based attacks. Citrix® NetScaler® Application Delivery Controller, in front of multiple InterScan Web Security virtual appliances, provides high-speed load balancing and a variety of application and network acceleration features. This enables Trend Micro and Citrix to jointly deliver consolidated, best-in-class L4-7 networking services on an open, unified platform.

Trend Micro and Dell have partnered to provide world-class security solutions for small and medium businesses, government and enterprise customers

Since 2005, Trend Micro and Dell have partnered to provide world-class security solutions for small and medium businesses, government entities and enterprise customers. The alliances encompasses a number of elements:

Premier Partner: As a Premier Partner, Trend Micro works in concert with Dell to provide a complete line of security solutions from endpoint-to-cloud (private/public/hybrid) under a volume licensing structure that helps aggregate purchases for better pricing. 

Advance Persistent Threats:  Recently, the two companies combined the power of Dell hardware with Trend Micro software and global threat intelligence to offer the industry’s most comprehensive Advance Persistent Threat (APT) solution. Trend Micro Deep Discovery is a single appliance that monitors over multiple ports and hundreds of protocols to deliver custom insight about the specific threat and cybercriminals involved so you can block hidden threats before damage occurs.

Cloud Security: Dell and Trend Micro also share a long history of collaborating to optimize and simplify physical, virtual and cloud security.  As a result, Dell’s own Private Cloud offering utilizes Trend Micro™ SecureCloud data encryption services combined with Trend Micro Deep Security.

Security is a primary concern among customers moving to the cloud. Delivering encryption and key management solutions from Trend Micro enables us to further alleviate our customers’ concerns while addressing important risks of data privacy, security and compliance with an efficient cloud data protection solution,” said Kevin Jones, vice president, Dell Services. “SecureCloud gives customers the tools and peace of mind to move sensitive workloads into Dell’s public cloud.”

Desktop Virtualization Security: In addition, Trend Micro is a Dell Certified Technology Partner and prime ecosystem security partner for Dell’s Desktop Virtualization Solution.  Working closely with Dell, Trend Micro Desktop Virtualization solutions have been tested with Trend Micro Deep Security and proven in Dell labs to deliver three times greater performance over traditional client side anti-virus / anti-malware solutions using Trend Micro’s agentless approach.

Get industry-leading technology, services and support from the experts at Dell and Trend Micro.

Trend Micro security solutions have been validated on EMC infrastructure and devices, and enhance the capabilities of RSA services.

Trend Micro is a member of EMC’s Technology Partner program (ETP) and the two companies collaborate in several areas:

  • EMC® VSPEX™: Trend Micro Deep Security, the company’s flagship solution for virtualized environments, is the first content security product that has been validated on the EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure. Organizations that deploy Trend Micro Deep Security on VSPEX can achieve advanced threat protection, accelerate their virtualization investment, and move safely to the cloud. For more information, see the solution brief and deployment guide.
  • EMC Celerra: Trend Micro ServerProtect for Storage includes a version validated on EMC Celerra and other EMC devices.
  • RSA® FraudAction Service: RSA, the Security Division of EMC, has partnered with Trend Micro to leverage the real-time threat data collected and correlated by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™. The data is used to enhance capabilities of the RSA® FraudAction Service to stop online attacks that can lead to identity theft. 

    “This inventive collaboration between two leaders in online security is another step ahead in the fight against the global cyber threat which continues to escalate as online fraudsters become more organized and effective than ever,” said Tom Corn, vice president of product marketing at RSA. “The ability to combat cybercriminals requires a far more purposeful collaboration within the industry – such as that between RSA and Trend Micro – and a strong security ecosystem focused on mitigating risk.”
  • Trend Micro Interscan Web Security Appliance (IWSVA) has been validated by EMC’s Isilon group as a supported ICAP server. This means EMC Isilon clusters can be scanned for malware using IWSVA. For more info, see page 9 of this EMC Whitepaper: Antivirus Solutions with EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS)


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Trend Micro complements and extends the value of HP security investments.

HP ArcSight: Trend Micro Deep Security and Trend Micro Deep Discovery integrate with ArcSight and provide visibility and protection for networks and data centers. Deep Security forwards events to ArcSight for correlation, reporting, and archiving, and provides the critical response and remediation mechanism for ArcSight. Deep Discovery enables organizations to more quickly, confidently and cost-effectively detect and respond to advanced persistent threats (APTs) and network targeted attacks that are invisible to traditional security systems, or that are easily lost in the “noise” of millions of events. In addition, Deep Security and Deep Discovery support the ArcSight Common Event Format (CEF).

HP TippingPoint: Trend Micro Deep Security and Trend Micro Deep Discovery complement HP TippingPoint, a next generation intrusion prevention system (IPS). Deep Security is a host- and VM-based IDS/IPS solution that provides an additional layer of security by preventing insider and other attacks that may have bypassed perimeter IPS devices.

HP Fortify: HP Fortify enables organizations to identify vulnerabilities in software applications, and Trend Micro virtual patching solutions shield these vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, saving the cost of emergency patching.

Deep Security is delivered either as a Software as a Service offering or as an enterprise grade on-premise application run in the customer’s own data centers. Learn more.

SecureCloud is delivered either as Software as a Service offerings or as an enterprise grade on-premise application run in the customer’s own data centers. Learn more.

Trend Micro gives HP Cloud Service users leading security, privacy, and compliance support that simplifies management and helps maximize their cloud investment.

Trend Micro has partnered with IBM to power, complement and extend IBM software solutions

Trend Micro has been an IBM Premier Business Partner since March 2011, and the two companies have worked together for over ten years to develop leading security solutions in a number of areas.

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Real-time defense against APTs & Targeted Attacks

Trend Micro Deep Discovery integrated with IBM Security QRadar SIEM enables organizations to more quickly, confidently and cost-effectively detect and respond to advanced persistent threats (APTs) and network targeted attacks that are invisible to traditional security systems, or that are easily lost in the “noise” of millions of events.

  • Trend Micro Deep Discovery provides real-time threat intelligence (detection, analysis, characteristics, remediation recommendations) across the entire attack lifecycle. Its specialized inspection engines and custom sandbox simulation identify zero-day malware, malicious communications, and attacker activities that are invisible to standard security products.
  • IBM Security QRadar SIEM consolidates log source event data from thousands of devices endpoints and applications distributed throughout a network. It performs immediate normalization and correlation activities on raw data to distinguish real threats from false positives. Deep Discovery automatically pushes syslog attack event data it collects to QRadar in Log Event Enhanced Format (LEEF).  QRadar is then used for wider context analysis, correlation and investigation, and therefore helps detect, predict and remediate breaches.

This integrated solution combines best-of-breed threat intelligence (Trend Micro Deep Discovery) and SIEM (IBM QRadar) to detect and defend against the broadest range of APTs and other threats, across the entire attack lifecycle.

Endpoint protection, powered by Trend Micro

IBM® Endpoint Manager for Core Protection, powered by Trend Micro, delivers near real-time protection from malware and other malicious threats through capabilities such as file and web reputation, personal firewall and behavior monitoring. It protects physical and virtual endpoints from damage caused by viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, rootkits, web threats and their new variants. Now you can reduce the risk of business disruptions that result from attacks on endpoints.

Comprehensive Protection for IBM Lotus Lotus Domino

Trend Micro ScanMail for Lotus Domino offers comprehensive virus protection and content security for Lotus Domino/Notes environments. It scans email in real time for viruses and spyware hidden within email attachments and databases. Not only does it stop traditional spam and malware, but it also detects malicious URLs, highly targeted attacks, and advanced persistent threats (APTs). With a combination of web, email, and file reputation, plus exploit detection and sandbox analysis, ScanMail Suite is the most comprehensive mail server security. Unlike many other security products, ScanMail for Lotus Domino was specifically designed for use as a Lotus Domino server application and is optimized for high-performance scanning. ScanMail for Lotus Domino is the only security solution designed for all 64-bit platforms supported by IBM Lotus Domino Servers, including zLinux.

Trend Micro has partnered with Microsoft to deliver security solutions for Microsoft home, SMB and enterprise customers

Trend Micro is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with a long history of developing security for Microsoft environments, including Windows, Exchange, Sharepoint, and more recently providing HyperV and Azure for virtualization and cloud  security.

Trend Micro is also a member of the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP). As a member, we receive security vulnerability information from the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), which we use to update our products to provide protections for zero-day vulnerabilities discussed in Microsoft Security Advisories. In these zero-day situations, running Trend Micro products with specifically developed signatures can help provide better protection against attempts to exploit these vulnerabilities until a security update is available from Microsoft.

See the following Trend Micro security solutions for Microsoft:

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Trend Micro™ Titanium™ and Windows 8

Effortless protection for your digital life

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security software makes it easy to enjoy the best of what Windows 8 has to offer. It protects what matters to you most—your family, privacy, data, and devices—without slowing you down.

  • Fast and Secure: Windows 8 provides a lighter, faster computing experience. And with Titanium’s protection you’ll be safer, without any slowdown.
  • Family Safety: The Windows 8 interface is easier and more fun to use for every member of the family—including kids! Titanium makes it easy for everyone in your family to enjoy it while staying safe online with parental controls.
  • Connected to your people: Windows 8 makes it easy to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues. Titanium makes it easy to stay connected safely with social networking security.
  • Connected to your files: Windows 8 is cloud-connected so you can access documents on any Windows 8 PC. Titanium makes it easy to share your memories with family and friends through Trend Micro™ SafeSync™
  • Ultrasecure Apps: Apps are at the heart of Windows 8 and Trend Micro’s new apps take your security experience to the next level. Titanium Maximum Security makes it easy to secure your device, browsing experience and passwords with new Trend Micro™ Go Everywhere, Trend Micro™ SafeGuard and Trend Micro™ DirectPass™ apps, all free with your subscription.


Complete User Protection Solutions

Secure your data on any application, any device, anywhere

Trend Micro Complete User Protection works with Microsoft products to defend your enterprise users with interconnected email, collaboration, and IM security that shares intelligence across layers. Or protect your small business users with a comprehensive Worry-Free security solution.

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services

Worry-Free Business Security Services is a cloud-based security solution that provides protection anytime and anywhere for your business data. It secures PCs, laptops, servers, and other Windows-based devices such as point of sale machines and tablets and was the first security solution to be integrated with Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) and Server 2012 Standard and Essentials.

Worry-Free Business Security Services can be centrally managed, so you have security on your server and all your computers wherever they’re connected—whether in the office, at home, or on the road. It has a management console add-in for SBS 2012 Essentials so your cloud security can be managed from your server console.

Key benefits:

  • Sets up easily on desktop computers, laptops, and servers
  • Updates constantly for the latest threat prevention
  • Restricts access to the web to improve productivity
  • Allows you and your staff to be more productive

Trend Micro PortalProtect for Microsoft SharePoint

As external users increasingly enter your SharePoint community, you need security that goes beyond standard antivirus protection. PortalProtect delivers integrated data loss prevention technology and web threat prevention to guard against malware, malicious links, and unintentional data loss. Compared to other solutions, PortalProtect has 5 times better latency performance so your users don't have to wait.

Key benefits:

  • Provides dedicated protection for SharePoint users and data
  • Stops the wide range of malicious files and URLs
  • Filters inappropriate content and sensitive data
  • Takes half the time to manage
  • Scales to any deployment size

Trend Micro IM Security for Microsoft™ Lync and Office Communications Server

Secure your real-time IM communications by stopping fast-moving attacks designed to spread malware, lure victims to malicious sites, and steal data. Powered by Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ and its unique cloud-client architecture, IM Security blocks links to malicious sites before the links can be delivered. Signature-independent zero-day security, leading antivirus, and new antispyware work together to stop malware before any damage. Plus, flexible content filtering ensures appropriate IM use and prevents data theft.

Key benefits:

  • Minimizes “time to protect”
  • Outsmarts the threats
  • Stops all types of IM threats
  • Delivers multilayered protection
  • Reduces IT workload

ScanMail™ Suite for Microsoft® Exchange™

The industry's most comprehensive mail server security stops highly targeted email attacks and spear phishing by using document exploit detection, enhanced web reputation, and sandboxing as part of a custom APT defense—protection you don’t get with other solutions. In addition, only ScanMail blocks traditional malware with email, file, and web reputation technology and correlated global threat intelligence from Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™cloud-based security.

Key benefits:

  • Protects organizations from APTs and other targeted attacks
  • Blocks more malware, phishing, and spam with reputation technology
  • Lowers IT costs, enhances performance
  • Integrates with Deep Discovery to defend against targeted attacks (see Custom Defense Solutions below)

Custom Defense Solutions

Defend your information against targeted email attacks and spear phishing

Protect your information against targeted attacks. Trend Micro Custom Defense is the only cyber security solution that enables the complete lifecycle needed to detect, analyze, adapt and respond to targeted attacks.

ScanMail™ Suite for Microsoft® Exchange™

When integrated with Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery advisor, ScanMail quarantines suspicious attachments for automatic sandbox execution analysis which occurs in-line without impacting the delivery of majority of messages.

Cloud and Data Center Security Solutions

Protect cloud and virtual environments with security that’s consistently ranked #1

Secure your Hyper-V virtualized data center and Azure cloud with comprehensive server security from the worldwide market leader in server security. Trend Micro cloud and data center security solutions protect your physical, virtual, cloud-based, and hybrid data center deployments without impacting the cost, efficiency, and agility benefits promised by Microsoft cloud and virtualization technologies.

Trend Micro™ Deep Security for Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure

Get central management and policy administration across critical security controls including anti-malware with web reputation, Intrusion prevention, host-based firewall, integrity monitoring, and log inspection. For Hyper-V, includes seamless integration for automated deployment and management of security controls leveraging native tools like Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.  For Azure, includes seamless integration for automated deployment and management of security controls leveraging native tools like Windows PowerShell.

Trend Micro™ SecureCloud

Deploy data protection for sensitive information stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud through policy-based encryption of both boot and data volumes.  

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ for Web Apps

This comprehensive vulnerability scanning for web applications can be deployed in Microsoft  Hyper-V and Azure, including application and platform scanning as well as checking for web site malware, malicious links, and site reputation.  It also provides globally trusted SSL certificates to protect information in transit for web servers running in Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure.

Trend Micro develops virtualization security solutions specifically architected for VMware

Trend Micro has a long history of developing virtualization security solutions that are specifically architected for VMware to ensure the strongest protection for your virtual and cloud environments. Working together, VMware and Trend Micro have partnered to deliver the first agentless security platform architected for VMware virtualized data centers, virtual desktops, and cloud deployments.

Trend Micro received the Technology Alliance Partner of the Year award from VMware in 2012, and as a leading VMware security partner, has been the first to:

  • Integrate with vShield Endpoint and other vSphere APIs to deliver agentless anti-malware, web reputation, integrity monitoring, and intrusion prevention in one virtual appliance
  • Integrate with VMware vCloud Director for integrated cloud security
  • Offer deployment services (included with the Deep Security Acceleration Kit) to get midsized businesses up and running quickly

Trend Micro solutions for VMware:

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Agentless Security for VMware

VMware and Trend Micro have partnered to deliver agentless security for virtualized data centers, virtual desktops, and cloud environments. The solution comprises two mutually dependent products:

  • VMware vShield Endpoint optimizes security for use in VMware vSphere™ and VMware View™ environments. It enables agentless security through the offloading of security processing to dedicated, security-hardened virtual machines delivered by VMware partners.
  • Trend Micro Deep Security provides a security-hardened virtual machine that integrates with VMware vShield Endpoint and other VMware APIs to offer agentless antivirus, integrity monitoring for both files and hypervisor, intrusion detection and prevention, and firewall for VMware virtual machines. Additional integration with VMware vCenter and vCloud Director coordinates security management across VMware virtual and cloud deployments.

This joint solution for agentless security provides full protection from the latest threats, while delivering:

  • Higher density—offloads security scans from guest VMs to one security virtual appliance on each vSphere host
  • Optimized resources—eliminates security storms and resource contention from multiple security agents
  • Simplified management—removes agents and the need to configure and update each one
  • Stronger security—provides instant-on protection for VMs and tamper-proof security

Get the joint white paper with Trend Micro and VMware

Solution brief

Data Center Security

Thumbnail Deepsecurity

Trend Micro Deep Security™ combines multiple protection modules, including anti-malware, IDS/IPS, integrity monitoring for files and hypervisor, and firewall. It offers features such as virtual patching and agentless recommendation scan to automate rule configuration for all VMs from the virtual appliance.

This single, centrally managed software solution provides integrated agentless security for increased protection on VMware virtual machines deployed in virtual data centers or vCloud-based clouds. Agent-based security is also available for these security options as well as log inspection, allowing businesses to combine agentless and agent-based deployment configurations that best support their physical and virtual servers, private, public, and hybrid clouds, and virtual desktops.

VDI Security

Together, Trend Micro Deep Security with VMware vShield Endpoint and VMware View provide virtualization-aware security that’s been optimized for virtual desktop environments. This comprehensive protection suite for virtual desktop environments offers the highest security available for a wide spectrum of virtual desktop scenarios. Maximize your virtual desktop protection and performance with:

  • Increased virtual desktop ROI
  • Always-on, tamper-proof security
  • Enhanced visibility and control

White paper: VDI Security for Better Protection and Performance

Mobile Secure Desktops

Trend Micro optimizes and secures the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop across devices and locations. VMware has worked with Trend Micro, and other key partners, to develop a solution to address the new mobile workforce challenge—the Mobile Secure Desktop. With the Mobile Secure Desktop, VMware and Trend Micro are transforming stationary workstations into secure, stateless mobile workspaces leading to increased employee productivity and satisfaction, enhanced security and compliance, and lower total cost of ownership.

Traditional agent-based security solutions that are not designed for virtualization can result in a number of significant operational security issues. VMware and Trend Micro’s agentless security resolve these challenges. This joint solution protects Mobile Secure Desktop environments from the latest threats, while delivering higher density, optimized resources, simplified management and stronger security.

Solution brief

Cloud Computing

As organizations look to expand to the public cloud, vCloud Hybrid Service enables you to seamlessly move from on-premises or private cloud deployments to the public cloud. Of course, you still need to secure your workloads as required in the shared security responsibility model.

With traditional approaches to security, organizations wanting to extend their existing environments to the cloud have experienced time-consuming challenges with a very real risk of introducing potential security breaches and business disruptions for critical applications. Trend Micro Deep Security with vCloud Hybrid Service addresses the challenges of securing hybrid deployments and protects your workloads in hybrid environments. Read the solution brief to learn more.

Thumbnail Securecloud

Trend Micro SecureCloud™ makes it possible for businesses to encrypt and control data in public and private clouds as well as in their VMware vSphere and physical data storage environments. With patent-pending, simple policy-based key management, it greatly reduces the complexity inherent in traditional key management solutions and gives businesses the power to control how and where data is accessed.

SecureCloud protects confidential information with an efficient and easy-to-use encryption service that keeps data private and helps meet regulatory compliance requirements, specifically leveraging vCloud APIs to secure VMware virtual and cloud environments.

Securing the Software Defined Data Center

Trend Micro has also announced a collaboration with VMware to enable the next evolution of virtualization — the software defined data center. The company is working with VMware to integrate Trend Micro's Deep Security with VMware NSX™, the platform for network virtualization. This can result in a best-of-breed security framework for joint customers that increases protection and automates security deployments in virtualized data centers.

Solution Brief

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Amazon Web Services


Trend Micro has partnered with AWS to deliver effective, elastic, cloud security solutions that are highly optimized for the AWS environment.

Trend Micro is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Technology Partner and works closely with AWS, a Trend Ready Partner, to develop effective, elastic, cloud security solutions that are highly optimized for the AWS environment. Trend Micro’s cloud security solutions help prevent data theft, business disruptions, and compliance violations across public, private and hybrid cloud computing environments:

  • Protection from attacks: Detect and respond to malicious content, suspect communication and attack behavior
  • Server hardening and virtual patching: Shield unpatched vulnerabilities with per-instance traffic inspection
  • Integrity monitoring: Detect and log unauthorized or malicious changes to files and services
  • Data encryption: Ensure data privacy and compliance

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